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News & Events

Find out more about our products. You can find reports and the latest news on Systec and its products (autoclaves, media preparators, as well as the dispensing system), plus details of all the important dates and events.

Systec Connect autoclaves

Systec Connect software package for autoclaves of the Systec HX-Series

All information from Systec autoclaves at a glance The new Systec Connect Documentation System (DS) enables intuitive real-time monitoring of all autoclaving processes during operation. What this means: no more checks directly on the device and improved overview of current and past processes. The system does not require any special hardware or software, which means… more

Systec Top Training

Top Training at Systec

DIGITAL & CREATIVE: SYSTEC GMBH TRAINING RECOGNIZED AS TOP TRAINER BY THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. In July 2022, Systec GmbH received the Chamber of Commerce’s TOP TRAINING award for the second time since 2017. According to the Chamber’s Head of Training and Continuing Education Juliane Hünefeld-Linkermann, the audit team was “particularly impressed by how many… more

Exhibitions 2023

Exhibitions 2023

Here you will find an overview of all exhibitions in 2023 where Systec GmbH & Co. KG will be represented. We cordially invite you to visit our or our partners’ booths for on-site demonstrations of Systec autoclaves and Systec Mediaprep media preparators as well as the Systec Mediafill dispensing and dosing system. Also experience the… more

Systec at Arablab 2022

Systec at Arablab 2022

Good to see us back live at shows once again! We will take part in the ArabLAB exhibition in Dubai, which will take place from 24th to 26th October 2022, where we will be presenting our new Systec HX-Series! The new generation of autoclaves comes with a new design, a new touch screen control and… more

CFR 21 Part 11 solution Systec

Advanced CFR 21 Part 11 solution

For the new Systec HX series. Since 1997, the FDA CFR 21 Part 11 regulations of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been the international industry-wide standard for the digital documentation of processes in medical technology, medical production and pharmaceuticals. The criteria defined in CFR 21 Part 11 ensure improved efficiency with the… more

Systec spray heating and cooling program

Spray heating and spray cooling in Systec autoclaves

Sterilization materials that are at risk of bursting or deforming due to heating and cooling (or by the pressure differences created by these processes) can be safely sterilized using the spray heating and cooling program in Systec autoclaves. This feature ensures reliable inactivation without damaging the sterilization material. Rapid sterilization and cooling for improved efficiency… more

eleva gmbh uses systec autoclaves

Eleva GmbH uses Systec laboratory autoclaves

The Freiburg-based company eleva GmbH relies on Systec laboratory autoclaves for the sterilization and inactivation of single-use bioreactor bags and reusable glass bioreactors. At present, the in-house laboratory is mainly engaged in the production of a drug candidate for the therapy of complementary diseases based on moss cells. Due to the large quantities of bioreactor… more

Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill solution

UTHealth uses the Systec Mediaprep and Mediafill system

The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston uses the Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill System: Cost minimization, time saving and optimal teaching conditions in biological education. As part of a well-founded medical-biological university education, it is essential the students work directly on samples and culture media. To this end, the McGovern Medical School… more

Exhaust air filtration in a Systec autoclave

Exhaust air filtration in a Systec autoclave

The exhaust air filtration system in a Systec autoclave reliably prevents hazardous aerosols from escaping during the autoclaving process. Steam sterilization in an autoclave is used – especially in biological and medical laboratories – to inactivate natural or genetically modified microorganisms. However, during the heat-up phase, in which air is removed from the pressure vessel, biological agents… more

Avidity Science interviews Systec GmbH

Avidity Science interviews Systec GmbH

Avidity Science recently sat down with Systec GmbH, for an interview to discuss the unique range of Systec Autoclaves and what role the equipment is playing during the COVID-19 crisis. Tell us more about Systec and what you do Systec has been working for 25 years in the field of laboratory autoclaves and culture media… more

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