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Find out more about our products. You can find reports and the latest news on Systec and its products (autoclaves, media preparators, as well as the dispensing system), plus details of all the important dates and events.

Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill solution

UTHealth uses the Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill system

The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston uses the Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill System: Cost minimization, time saving and optimal teaching conditions in biological education. As part of a well-founded medical-biological university education, it is essential the students work directly on samples and culture media. To this end, the McGovern Medical School… more

Air exhaust Systec

Exhaust air filtration in Systec autoclaves

The exhaust air filtration system in Systec autoclaves reliably prevents hazardous aerosols from escaping during the autoclaving process. Steam sterilization in autoclaves is used – especially in biological and medical laboratories – to inactivate natural or genetically modified microorganisms. However, during the heat-up phase, in which air is removed from the pressure vessel, biological agents… more

Avidity Science interviews Systec

Avidity Science interviews Systec GmbH

Avidity Science recently sat down with Systec GmbH, for an interview to discuss the unique range of Systec Autoclaves and what role the equipment is playing during the COVID-19 crisis. Tell us more about Systec and what you do Systec has been working for 25 years in the field of laboratory autoclaves and culture media… more

Coronavirus Research Sterilization Autoclaves

Safe Coronavirus Research thanks to Systec Autoclaves

The coronavirus COVID-19, which first appeared in the Chinese province of Wuhan at the turn of the year 2019/2020, has spread to all continents of the world within just a few weeks. National and international authorities are currently managing efforts to contain the virus that involve deliberately interrupting infection chains. At the same time, the… more

Systec und Infors HT

Systec demonstrates the sterilization of an INFORS bioreactor

Systec GmbH is coming once again to the world-leading trade fair for laboratory technology in Munich. From 19th to 22nd October, interested visitors will be able to examine the new autoclaves in the Systec H-Series as well as Systec’s dispenser and dosing systems on site. What’s more, the manufacturer is also holding a demonstration at… more

New Generation Systec Autoclaves

Innovations in the field of laboratory autoclaves

Demonstration of the new generation autoclaves. The new, improved generation of Systec H-Series autoclaves comes in a new design, with a fully revamped interior and a completely new touchscreen control. The combination of new features guarantees higher work precision, easier maintenance of devices and up to 25% faster autoclaving processes. In addition, the new autoclaves… more

Waste water sterilizer Systec GmbH

Waste-water sterilizer for the inactivation of liquids

Waste-water is produced in various working environments. Especially in laboratories or quarantine facilities, it cannot easily be disposed of via the domestic water network. The waste-water may contain potentially hazardous substances that are not inactivated by normal waste-water treatment plants or may destroy the bacterial cultures present there. A waste-water sterilizer ensures that even large… more

Systec H-Series autoclaves new generation

First demonstration of the new Systec HX-150 autoclave

Innovations in the field of autoclaves at the Systec and Evidencia booth. First presentation of the 2nd generation of the Systec H-Series. Together with Evidencia GmbH, Systec presents autoclaves & validation processes at MEDICA 2019. The world’s most important trade fair for the medical industry will once again be held in Düsseldorf this year: from… more

Material test Systec autoclaves

Material tests with Systec autoclaves

Systec autoclaves for a wide range of applications. In addition to standard sterilization applications, Systec laboratory autoclaves are used in a wide range of other applications. Beyond the common procedures of the European pharmacopoeia, e.g. the Glass Test (for determining the hydrolytic resistance of pharmaceutical glass ware) and the Rubber Closure Test, these applications include a… more

Collection trays for autoclaves

Collection trays for the autoclave loading baskets

New collection trays for the Systec V-Series autoclaves. The new stainless steel collection trays perfectly match the Systec V-series stainless steel wire mesh loading baskets and are available now. The collection trays are 50 mm in depth. They keep your autoclave clean, even in the event of a leaking or overboiling vessel. Features of the… more

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