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Since the company was founded in 1994, Systec GmbH has built a customer base all over the world thanks to its high-quality products and services. Systec supports any organisation – from up-and-coming start-ups to global market leaders – that values absolute quality in steam sterilization or media preparation. Companies from the pharmaceutical to food industry use Systec technology and take advantage of our first-class, customer-oriented support worldwide. Systec is therefore revolutionising laboratory work worldwide with quality made in Germany, and by making sterilization results reliable, reproducible and evaluable. But see for yourself – with this small sample of our references, you can get an idea of the different regions and industries where Systec products simplify work processes and optimize work results.

H. Mansha (Source: SelectScience)

“Very effective – the Systec HX-Series autoclave. Effective results and very easy to use. Best for surgical equipment. Using it for many months.”

J. G. Panicker (Source: SelectScience)

“Systec is a very good brand for autoclaves. Quality, after sales service and everything is good.” (Systec D-Series autoclave)

S. G. Piscos (Source: SelectScience)

“Love it! As all end users we look for an equipment that is accessible and easy to handle. All functions are operational and has the option to create additional mode as needed.” (Systec V-Series autoclave)

H. Singh (Source: SelectScience)

“I’m very pleased with how well the Systec Mediaprep media preparation and filling system works. The product is very much effective and produces high quality results. It is easy to handle and use. I am quite delighted to let you all know about this product. 5 star in all criteria: Ease of use, after sales service, value for money.”

Benjamin Hurtig Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

“We are very satisfied with how the whole process with Systec GmbH went:  from making contact, the visit and preparation of the offer to the problem-free delivery.  The commissioning and qualification of the Systec VX-65 autoclave also went smoothly, including the documentation.  The last-minute repeat order of baskets also worked out perfectly.  So it’s a “like” or a “thumbs up” from our side – we are very satisfied!”

Chris Mackenzie, Ph.D. FRSB. The University of Texas Health Science Center

“I have an old 1978 Mercedes that starts right up every morning. I have a 1972 BMW motorcycle with 500,000 miles on it. Systec products have that same build quality that I love in German products. Also, the user interface for programming the Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill system is really easy to use.”

Dr. Holger Niederkrüger Eleva Gmbh (formerly Greenovation Biotech GmbH)

“In our search for an autoclave which can inactivate large single use bioreactor bags and larger quantities of bioreactor culture, we firstly arrived at some costly double-door autoclaves requiring extensive installation until we discovered your flexible models – and we indeed decided on the Systec HX-980 2D. In my opinion, this autoclave series fits perfectly with today’s mostly flexible and often on-roll production machines in biopharmaceutical manufacture.”

Frastanz Brewery

“Thanks to the Systec V-75 autoclave in our laboratory, we can carry out quality checks several times a week in a timely manner, with guaranteed optimal sterilization results – every time! We can rely on the fast service provided by Systec GmbH and the Austrian dealer Bartelt GmbH for all the inquiries that we have – from problem solving to detailed assistance in programming our own sterilization programmes”.


K. Salazar CAD Middle East

“With our tight schedules for sampling, testing and sterilization media preparation, we rely heavily on the outstanding performance of both Systec VX-40 autoclaves. Both stationary autoclaves have proven indispensable in our microbiological laboratory. I am very satisfied with both devices! ”


L. B., MedImmune (Source: Avidity Science)

Regarding the Systec autoclaves, I would say that they run faster and more smoothly than any other autoclave brand that I have tried in the past. I have been so satisfied with their performance and the after-sales care provided by Triple Red that we are rolling out a programme to gradually replace our old autoclaves with Systec models”.


F. I., Immunocore (Source: Avidity Science)

“The Systec Mediafill is great! Systec’s dealer Triple Red did a really great job in the service area. I was told exactly how to use everything during the installation. Thanks for all your help in setting up our laboratory”.


G. P., Anglian Water (Source: Avidity Science)

“We purchased two Systec autoclaves from Triple Red and were pleased with all aspects of that purchase. From the moment the order was placed, the helpfulness of the Triple Red team enabled a smooth transition from using the old machines to the new autoclaves. All aspects of the commissioning and validation work required to put these machines into service were completed promptly, with engineers who kept us informed of the progress. Their helpfulness and willingness to discuss issues as they came up enabled us to complete the transition with no interruptions”.


Irakli Rainauli, Solemart LTD (Source: SelectScience)

“I am very satisfied with the Systec media preparation and filling system (Systec Mediaprep and Systec Mediafill). It works very well. I am also very happy with their Customer Service. All questions are handled satisfactorily and in a solution-oriented manner”.


M. Staworzynska, Nordmark Arzneimittel (Source: SelectScience)

“An excellent product! A must-have for microbiological laboratories. The Systec V-Series autoclave is easy to use, does not cause any major technical problems, and Systec offers a very responsive Customer Service. I use the autoclave for media sterilization and sterilization of pharmaceutical waste”.


P. Wegener, Richter-Helm Biologics GmbH & Co. KG (Source: SelectScience)

“The Systec V-Series autoclave is doing a great job! I use the autoclave for sterilization in USB biotechnology. Systec’s service is outstanding”.


B. Wong, USDA-FSIS Alameda Laboratory (Source: Microbiology International)

The Systec Mediaprep and Mediafill allow us to produce different types of media for plates right away instead of trying to order from an outside vendor that could take a while. It gives us a lot of flexibility of time. The systems are easy to use and reliable.

A. D., MicroMol GmbH (Source: SelectScience)

“The Systec V-Series autoclave is easy to operate and to load. The support and service provided by Systec GmbH is excellent”.


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