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Find out more about our products. You can find reports and the latest news on Systec and its products (autoclaves, media preparators, as well as the dispensing system), plus details of all the important dates and events.

Collection trays for autoclaves

Collection trays for the autoclave loading baskets

New collection trays for the Systec V-Series autoclaves. The new stainless steel collection trays perfectly match the Systec V-series stainless steel wire mesh loading baskets and are available now. The collection trays are 50 mm in depth. They keep your autoclave clean, even in the event of a leaking or overboiling vessel. Features of the… more

Glass test according to Ph. Eur. 9.6

The glass test according to Ph. Eur. 9.6 – Systec is ready

New white paper and services for new and existing customers Water-resistant glass containers are a prerequisite for countless industries, from chemicals to food production. The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) determines how water resistance can be determined with the so-called glass test. Ph. Eur. Version 9.6., which came into force a few months ago, has further… more

Brewery Frastanzer and Systec Autoclaves

The brewery Frastanz puts its trust in Systec autoclaves

The brewery Frastanz is building Systec sterilization solutions For its in-house quality laboratory as part of its modernisation drive Since October 2018, the cooperative brewery Frastanz has been using a Systec V-75 autoclave to sterilize sampling containers and liquids. This has allowed them to fully optimise their quality control process. The device was provided by… more

Validation and qualification autoclaves

Qualification and validation of laboratory autoclaves

Is your autoclave really sterilizing? The necessity of qualifying an autoclave and validating the sterilization process arises from various laws and regulations. Although the terms qualification and validation are usually mentioned in one sentence or even used synonymously, different statements and approaches are hidden behind them. The necessity to qualify an autoclave and to validate… more

New autoclave testing stations

Final Inspection Team has moved into its fully refurbished rooms The rooms previously used by the shipping department were redesigned to meet the work requirements of the Final Inspection Team. A fair number of modifications were needed to achieve this. For example, the power lines, water and outlet pipes required for the testing had to… more

Systec GmbH introduces its new business partner

Offering expertise in the field of autoclave qualification and process validation  Research, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and food: many laboratories rely on steam sterilizers, autoclaves or equipment where processes are monitored using pressure and temperature control. Thanks to our collaboration with Evidencia GmbH, we can now offer them the services of a strong team of technical experts.… more

Automatic tube valve – Systec Mediavalve

For dispensing uniform quantities of sterile media. An economical method of dispensing uniform quantities or programming complex filling cycles. A pre-selectable constant slight overpressure in the media container ensures the flow of the medium in the filling hose, while at the same time the Systec Mediavalve controls the quantity dispensed by opening and closing the… more

ISO Certificate Systec 2020

Systec meets strict criteria for quality management

Certification following extensive audits. At the end of December 2020 Systec has again been certified for its environment management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and for its quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The relevant business areas were audited by TÜV Rheinland in an extensive audit. This included an inspection… more

Systec Top-Ausbiladungsbetrieb

Systec GmbH certified as “IHK TOP Training Organisation”

Analysis, scrutiny and continuous improvement: The company Systec GmbH has devoted particularly close attention to these areas over the last few months in demonstrating its outstanding training quality. Their efforts were worthwhile as Systec GmbH has now been awarded with the label “IHK TOP Training Organisation” by the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce). Top… more

New product brochure

Systec GmbH’s new product brochure is available right now. The brochure has been redesigned and provides an overview of our wide product range of autoclaves and media preparators. Download the Systec product brochure from here. Further Information on the Autoclaves here.

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