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Top Training at Systec


In July 2022, Systec GmbH received the Chamber of Commerce’s TOP TRAINING award for the second time since 2017. According to the Chamber’s Head of Training and Continuing Education Systec Top Training Juliane Hünefeld-Linkermann, the audit team was “particularly impressed by how many channels the company uses to reach young people to recruit them as trainees”. Jörg Winkelmann (General Manager), Andreas Ihme (Site Manager), Andre Unland, Alexander Lux (Trainers) and Carina Vinke (from “Arbeitslotse”, the external HR Service Manager) accepted the award for outstanding training quality.

Jörg Winkelmann described the digital strategy: “Our Instagram account is a special new project where our trainees report about their training. This is authentic and highlights their creativity”. Offline, Systec GmbH reaches young people at training fairs such as the “Ausbildung 49”. We also gain insight at local schools and with internships. Andre Unland and Andreas Lux take care of the orientation for new trainees at Systec. These two trainers believe that trainees should get to know the company and the training right from the start. To this end, they can get to know trainers, training officers and team leaders from other departments during a “speed dating” session.

Good preparation for trainees – as well as staff – is one cornerstone of successful training. To support the learning process, trainees may work at vocational school lessons during working hours or take part in internal or external courses when preparing for exams. It is also important for the trainers themselves to have the appropriate qualifications. Many take preparatory courses for a trainer aptitude test and other special training. All workers that take part in the training are also in regular contact with each other.


Our trainees have recently become training ambassadors! “Training ambassadors” are trainees who present their planned occupation and company to their school classes, which promotes the work/study training approach. Beforehand, the trainees take part in a one-day training course to be optimally prepared for the school assignments.

As a cooperative project of the Chamber of Commerce in Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim, the initiative represents the support of companies in training marketing. The main goals here are to make the dual work/study training approach more attractive to young people and to generate enthusiasm. Furthermore, the schools are offered an innovative addition for their school-based career orientation.

The “training ambassadors” project strives for career guidance on equal terms. This is because there is no one better suited to talk about training than trainees themselves. They are not only on equal terms with students, but also speak the same language. They are also familiar with the situation that those graduating from school face in choosing a career.

More information is available at


You can also find a report about our trainees and new Instagram account in the new issue of the Osnabrück Chamber of Commerce magazine (on page 36).

Top training at SystecCaption (from left):
Osnabrück: Chamber of Commerce Head of Training and Further Education Juliane Hünefeld-Linkermann (left) presents the Chamber of Commerce’s TOP TRAINING certificate to Carina Vinke (from the “Arbeitslotse” HR Service Provider), Andre Unland (Trainer), Jörg Winkelmann (General Manager) and Andreas Ihme (Site Manager) from Systec GmbH in Osnabrück. Not present: Alexander Lux, trainer at Systec.

Image source: Chamber of Commerce Osnabrück – Emsland – Grafschaft Bentheim/Robert Schäfer

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