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World premiere at Analytica 2024

New generation autoclaves.

New generation autoclaves Systec D-Series and Systec V-Series
New generation autoclaves: Systec D-Series and Systec V-Series

Systec GmbH & Co. KG presented its latest innovations in the field of autoclaves at Analytica 2024. Following the successful launch of the Systec HX-Series, the company presented the new generation of the Systec VX-Series and Systec DX-Series in Hall B.1, Stand 502. These feature a new touch display control, a revised interior and an attractive design. These autoclaves not only offer an aesthetic improvement, but also a range of functional benefits. Energy and resource-saving technologies also minimize electricity and water consumption, which not only brings economic but also ecological benefits. They also offer faster process times, which ensures an additional increase in efficiency in the laboratory.

The autoclaves have a USB and Ethernet connection and optional WLAN for optimum connectivity. Thanks to the connectivity options, documentation data can be exported in PDF or CSV format and enable updating, remote maintenance and remote control of the autoclaves. The volume of the internal memory allows documentation data to be stored for at least 10 years, making separate programs for documentation and archiving superfluous.

The new functions of the series are of particular interest from a regulatory perspective. The autoclaves fulfill an essential point of the FDA guideline 21 CFR Part 11. Further functions serve to fulfill regulatory requirements from the pharmaceutical sector. Automatically generated PDF and CSV files are tamper-proof thanks to digital signatures. In addition, all adjustments and events are stored in an audit trail to ensure full traceability.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these autoclaves facilitate easy cleaning. The pressure vessel, made from pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, is designed to withstand up to 4 bar / 140 °C as standard, with an optional extension to 5 bar / 150 °C.

New autoclaves: Systec DX-Series and Systec VX-Series

The Systec DX-Series (table-top units) is available for chamber volumes ranging from 25 to 200 liters, while the Systec VX-Series (floor-standing units) ranges from 40 to 150 liters. The new generation of the Systec VX-Series and Systec DX-Series thus complements the market-proven Systec HX-Series, consisting of horizontal laboratory autoclaves in various sizes, with a chamber volume of 65 to 1580 liters, as well as the practical Systec H series 2D pass-through autoclaves from 90 to 1580 liters.

These autoclaves are versatile, capable of handling demanding sterilization processes, from waste bags to liquids to porous solids. All Systec autoclaves can be modularly expanded with options and accessories to optimize sterilization processes.

For instance, they can be equipped with a vacuum system for sterilizing solids and waste in bags, removing air entirely from the product. Furthermore, additional innovative options are available to enhance the efficiency and safety of sterilization processes:

  • Radial ventilator: Accelerates heat transfer from the sterilized goods to the cooled sterilization chamber through air circulation, with optional jacket cooling using cooling water.
  • Ultracooler: Significantly reduces cooling and overall batch times by integrating an additional heat exchanger in conjunction with a radial fan, jacket cooling, and support pressure.
  • Superdry: Enhances drying efficiency of solids and porous sterilized goods such as filters and textiles, eliminates odor formation, and eliminates the need for separate post-drying.
  • Air exhaust filtration: Ensures the safe sterilization of biological hazardous materials through an autoclavable sterile air filter with 0.2 μm pore size and automatic inline sterilization with every sterilization process.

Additionally, many other options are available, including special programs like glass testing according to pharmacopeia standards, along with other accessories to further enhance the functionality and adaptability of our autoclaves.

Systec Connect DS

The new Systec Connect Documentation System (DS), which was named “Product of the Year 2024” by LABO magazine in the “Laboratory 4.0” category, allows real-time monitoring of all autoclave processes without the need for physical checks. It requires no special hardware or software and can be accessed via a browser from various devices, thereby enhancing time efficiency and requiring only an Ethernet or WLAN connection.

With an intuitive user interface, information can be quickly accessed and process data exported as PDF or CSV, enabling not only time savings but also immediate detection of irregularities. A free Systec Connect app is also available to monitor the live data of the autoclaves.

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