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The brewery Frastanz puts its trust in Systec autoclaves

The brewery Frastanz is building Systec sterilization solutions

For its in-house quality laboratory as part of its modernisation drive

Since October 2018, the cooperative brewery Frastanz has been using a Systec V-75 autoclave to sterilize sampling containers and liquids. This has allowed them to fully optimise their quality Systec autoclave at Frastanzcontrol process. The device was provided by the laboratory complete equipment manufacturer Bartelt, which has been selling high quality Systec autoclaves in Austria for many years.

“Personal and genuine” – this is the motto of the brewery Frastanzer, founded in 1902, which has been in existence for many years. And in the near future, it will prove itself once again: the cooperative has decided to transform itself into a bio-brewery with a generous investment in modernisation.

Systec technology helps with quality control

Original wort, yeast cultures, water purity, hops and malt content – in a true quality beer, all variables must be right. In Frastanzer’s in-house laboratory, the vertical floor-Standing autoclave Systec V-75 ensures that, when checking these ingredients, no measured value is rendered false by foreign bodies or unwanted bacteria in sample containers. The stand autoclave with a nominal utilisation volume of 75 litres covers a temperature and pressure range up to 140 ° C and 4 bar – ideal for preventing bacterial or germ contamination on glassware or in liquids.

Thanks to the flexible PT-100 temperature sensor and the practical integrated LCD display, the autoclaving process can be programmed Frastanzer brewery laboratoryquickly and easily. In this way, the brewing experts from Frastanzer can carry out their quality checks several times a week in a timely manner and be sure of an optimal sterilization result.

Bartelt supplies Austria with high quality Systec autoclaves

The new brewery autoclave was delivered and installed by our Austrian dealer Bartelt. Since its founding in 1936, the company has earned a reputation as one of the market leaders for laboratory equipment, devices and consumables in Austria, distributing Systec professional autoclave systems throughout the country.

For all inquiries, the Cooperative Brewery Frastanz can rely on the fast service provided by both companies – from problem solving to detailed assistance in programming their own sterilisation programmes. With professional Systec technology and expert back-up support, Systec laboratory sterilizer at FrastanzerFrastanzer launches beer into the future – and may soon become Vorarlberg’s flagship organic brewery.

Further Information on the Systec autoclaves you can find here.

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