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Handling and sterilization of media with Systec Mediaprep

Primarily three criteria are crucial for the optimum preparation of nutrient media: they must be safe, have an uniform quality and be quickly producible. Equally high demands are placed on the sterilisation and the sterile filling of liquids, like for example agar culture media, peptone water and buffer solutions or other sterile liquid media.

Systec Mediaprep

Systec offers efficient and cost-effective solutions with its automated media preparators (nutrient media preparators and nutrient media sterilizers). The individual steps can be carried out with them in the production and preparation of media not only of consistent high quality and with the highest level of security, but also rapidly in a single operation and reproducible at any time without external intervention.

In order to meet individual requirements, a total of 7 models of the automated media preparators Systec Mediaprep are available. The three compact devices have a capacity of 10, 20 or 30 litres. Even while the smallest device is still on the laboratory table, the two larger preparators are already suitable for mobile use due to rollers with parking brakes. The four larger devices offer a utility chamber of 45, 65, 90 or 120 litres, they can also be rolled and therefore any place in the laboratory is suitable for them.

All Systec media preparators feature an improved heat output and are equipped with rapid re-cooling, a magnetic stirrer, an inner container and temperature-interlocked filling nozzles and feedthroughs for the filling and addition of additives. The optimised automation furthermore regulates process times and thus also ensures the consistent high quality of the sterile media.

Powerful heating elements ensure fast heating. The rapid cooling is effected through water circulation at the external walls of the media vessel with sterile demineralized water that is cooled with external water via a heat exchanger. The total cycle time including heating, sterilizing and cooling is between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on the vessel size, the amount of medium and the temperature of the cooling water. The sterile-filtered support pressure prevents the medium from foaming or over-boiling. A compressor is installed as standard in all Mediaprep models.

Easy handling with Systec Mediaprep

The fully programmable microprocessor control unit is a unique feature of the Systec Mediaprep. The automatic process ensures that the prepared and sterilized media is of a consistently high- and repeatable quality. During the process, the medium is mixed thoroughly, heated, sterilized and cooled down to the selected filling temperature. The medium is maintained at the filling temperature for the filling process.

Operation is easy and rapid via a large (5.7 inch), highly visible touch screen interface. This innovation offers additional options and increased fl exibility when working with the autoclave. For example, process data can be displayed numerically or graphically. 7 programs are pre-defi ned but can be expanded (up to 100) as required by the user. To initiate a new program, the user is guided through the process by menu dialog. Every new program is automatically allocated a permanent, unalterable name and can also be given an individual designation by the user. All process parameters can be individually altered.

Control of the door and loading hatches is temperatureand pressure dependent. Inadvertent opening is impossible. The media vessels are exchangeable, and thanks to the integrated handle grip, easy to remove and clean.

Various accessories and many additional options are available. Further information on the Systec Mediaprep‘s here.

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