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Automatic tube valve – Systec Mediavalve

For dispensing uniform quantities of sterile media.

Systec Mediavalve
Systec Mediavalve

An economical method of dispensing uniform quantities or programming complex filling cycles. A pre-selectable constant slight overpressure in the media container ensures the flow of the medium in the filling hose, while at the same time the Systec Mediavalve controls the quantity dispensed by opening and closing the pinch valve. Once the required amount has been dispensed, the device calibrates itself according to the viscosity of the medium after performing a sample dosing operation.

The Systec Mediavalve enables simple and continuous filling processes to be carried out. Larger quantities of nutrient solutions can be dispensed in a short time while at the same time maintaining the sterile chain.

Hoses made of silicone or similar materials are generally suitable for the Systec Mediavalve. Hoses with outside Diameters and wall thicknesses not exceeding 9.5 mm and 1.5 mm respectively can be used. A hose with an outside diameter of 9.0 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm is supplied as Standard for the Systec Mediavalve. The device is pre-calibrated to this hose.

Please download the Systec Mediavalve Flyer from here.

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