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Pass-through autoclaves Systec H-Series 2D

Equipped with the same state-of-the-art technology. The 2D series has the same modern design but now with two doors for fitting between separating walls.

Contact Information

Contact information

Systec GmbH

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 15
35440 Linden

Tel. +49 (0) 6403 67070-0
Fax +49 (0) 6403 67070-222

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Operation by Touch-Screen technology

Models of Systec-H-Series 2D

Operation is even quicker and easier using a 5.7-inch easy-to-read display with touch function. This innovation offers additional possibilities and increased fl exibility when working with the autoclave.

For example, process data can be displayed numerically or graphically. 7 programs are pre-defi ned but can be expanded as required up to 100 by the user.

To initiate a new program, the user is guided through the process by menu dialog. Every new program is automatically allocated a permanent, unalterable name and can also be given an individual designation by the user. All process parameters can be individually altered.

Pre-defined programs


Waste bags

Liquid waste



Vacuum test*

Bowie-Dick test*

These can be expanded to 100 sterilization programs.
* Only in combination with a vacuum device.

Touch-Screen control
Touch-Screen control

This Version is standard



Safety and convenience

Novel automatic door-opening system

Easy but safe – on closing, the door is automatically locked by a circumferential ring system*. A special lip seal made of heatresistant silicone provides reliable tightness; the more the steam pressure increases, the tighter the seal becomes – without the need for additional compressed air or other media!

The door-locking system is temperature-dependent according to pressure vessel regulation TRB 402 and DIN 58946, Part II. The door remains locked as long as there is excess pressure in the chamber. The door and other parts of the pressure vessel and housing are made of stainless steel. The attractively designed front cover, which also incorporates the control panel, display and parts of the control processing system, is made of heatresistant, insulating plastic. There is thus no risk of the operator coming into contact with hot components.

Door closed
Door closed

Automatic door-opening

The autoclave door functions automatically – either by pressing a button or automatically at the end of a program. A simple system but most useful in practice. Residual steam is exhausted automatically without intermission. Residual heat is used to dry the items being sterilized during the final short phase in the autoclave. Automatic door-opening is restricted to an angle of approx. 15°; this avoids possible contamination from the outside. Especially when items to be sterilized have to remain in the autoclave for cooling and drying this facilitates the working process. Subsequently, for removing the sterilized items, the door can be completely opened manually.

Door open
Door open

Novel automatic door-opening system and automatic door-opening



Alternative documentation

By printer

Optional with integrated printer for documentation of program type, batch number, date / time, temperature / pressure progress and sterilization phase.

By PC and documentation software

Via RS-232 and RS-485 interface directly connected to a PC or an ethernet network. Special software available for Windows for the documentation of all process data, including informative diagrams. The Systec ADS software processes documented data both graphically and numerically and can be used for parameterization and control of Systec autoclaves.

By Comlog

Optionally available for all Systec HX 2D models.

This solution adds a USB and an Ethernet port for connection to an ethernet network. Includes documentation software on Comlog that is platform-independent and can be accessed by the user from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The internal memory card stores up to 10,000 sterilization cycles.

Comlog enables remote access via Internet, for example for Systec service personnel (if approved by customer IT).

By AuditTrail

For Systec models HX 2D in combination with optional accessory Comlog.

This solution comprises all the functions of Comlog and enables documentation according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

AuditTrail allows to set-up and administer users for the autoclave. 5 different authorization levels are available specifying which actions can be carried out by which users. In addition, access rights for specifi c sterilization programs can be individually allocated.

Before any specifi c action, the user must register with user name and password. All actions carried out (e.g. change of parameters or starting / stopping programs) are documented and can be traced to the user, including time stamp (day / time).

All data generated through actions carried out by the user or the documentation of a sterilization cycle is protected from manipulation and is tagged with the electronic signature of the user.

Alternatively via Printer, PC, SD-Card, through ComLog or AuditTrail